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Techno Oil HD 40 (1 Litre Keg)


Techno Oil HD 40 is high quality monograde engine oil for general purpose application. It is recommended for gasoline engines operating in relatively mild conditions and also suitable mild diesel engines.

• Prevents Engine wear, rust and corrosion
• Very good anti-sludge formation
• Keeps engine cool and clean
• Excellent engine valve deposit control

Pack Sizes: 1 Litre

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Techno Oil HD 40 (1 Litre Keg)

Techno Oil HD 40 is a type of high-quality engine oil designed for use in cars and heavy-duty diesel and petrol engines. It is formulated with advanced additives that provide excellent wear protection, reduce engine deposits, and prolong engine life.

This oil is specifically designed to meet the requirements of modern diesel engines, which demand high-performance lubricants to maintain optimal engine performance and efficiency. It provides superior protection against engine wear, corrosion, and oxidation, ensuring that your engine remains clean and well-protected.

One of the main advantages of Techno Oil HD 40 is its ability to provide excellent engine performance in extreme temperatures. It has a high viscosity index and can maintain its viscosity even at high temperatures, ensuring that your engine is properly lubricated and protected even under the most demanding conditions.

Another benefit of Techno Oil HD 40 is that it can help to improve fuel efficiency. By reducing engine deposits and maintaining proper lubrication, it can help to improve engine efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, and lower your operating costs.

Overall, Techno Oil HD 40 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality engine oil for their heavy-duty diesel engine. Its advanced formulation provides excellent protection and performance, making it an ideal choice for demanding applications.

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