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Techno Oil operates a 10,000 metric ton ultra-modern lubricant blending plant located at Lekki Lagos. Techno lubricant is in a wide range of packs, from 800ml to 250 litres. The plant has a large warehouse that stocks over 15,000 metric tons of packed lubricants and open storage of over 150 metric tons of drums.











Techno Oil’s range of lubricants is of high quality, with advanced protection and specially blended for cars driven on Nigerian roads. They are blended for all modern petrol and diesel engines, including turbo charged ones. They have exceptional antiwear and anticorrosion properties with very high detergency and dispersion, hence increased capacity to limit oil thickening due to sort. The lubricants are certified by the American Petroleum Institute and the International Standards Organisation (ISO).

















Techno Oil Lubricants have for over a decade, stood for high quality and they come in a range, which includes engines oil, gear oils, hydraulic oils and greases. Our automotive, industrial, marine and heavy duty engine oils meet the needs of engines oil manufacturers (EOM) around the globe.



Some of our high quality industrial lubricants are:

  • Techno HD 40 API SF/CD

  • Techno Ultra XP 20W 50 API SL/CF

  • Techno Super XL 20W 50 API SJ/CF

  • Techno Avance X301 40 API CH-4/SJ

  • Techno Avance XT 301 15W 40

  • NUTO H 100, 68, 46, 32, etc

  • GX 85W 90, GX 85W 140, etc

  • Techno Gear EP (Spartan Series)

Techno oil’s range of lubricants provides finished lubricants and premium base oils to commercial, consumer, industrial and marine customers in Nigeria. From motor oil for the family car to lubricants for heavy industrial equipment, our customers trust our products to deliver excellent, reliable performance in a wide range of operating conditions.


Quality mono-grade engine designed for general purpose application in gasoline and diesel engines specially recommended for older running engines. Recommended drain interval after 3,000km


TECHNO ULTRA 20W 50 (API SL/CF) Motor oil

This is a high quality premium multigrade engine oil for high performance gasoline engine, turbo-charged and naturally aspirated diesel engine, suitable for use in modern gasoline and diesel engines where API SJ or API CG-4 performance standard and OEMs warranty specifications are required. Recommended drain interval after 10,000km.

TECHNO SUPER XL 20W 50 (API SJ/CF) Motor oil

This is a premium quality multi-grade engine oil gasoline engine requiring turbo charged and naturally aspirated diesel engine. This is recommended for passenger cars and light trucks, especially in severe weather conditions. Recommended drain interval after 7,000km.


This is heavy mono-grade premium engine oil applicable for severe duty in naturally aspirated turbo charged diesel engine with high sulphur fuels. It is highly recommended for mixed fleet applications. It is also suitable as a hydraulic and compressor fluid in wide range of construction equipment. Recommended drain interval after 8,000km.


It is a premium quality transmission fluid suitable for most automatic transmission systems where Mercon/dextron 11 is recommended.

TECHNO GX 85W90 / GX 85W140

Premium quality Gear Oil developed for manual transmissions and gear boxes, standard differentials, manual steering boxes, final drives, universal joints and all other automotive units where API GL-5 gear boxes are recommended.

Okada Motorcycle Oil

This is a low-ash superior detergent oil developed specifically for your horsepower petrol driven two stroke engines.

Industrial Lubricants and Oils

Techno Industrial Lubes are blended from high quality base oils and additives for severe practical applications.


This is premium-quality multi-purpose hydraulic oil recommended for use in a wide range of severe, heavy duty industrial and mobile hydraulic applications requiring an anti-wear fluid. It is recommended for use in applications where anti-wear properties are required such as bearings and gears.

TECHNOGEAR EP (Spartan Series)

This is premium-quality extreme-pressure industrial gear oil High Quality Industrial gear oil suitable for industrial enclosed gears whenever extreme pressure gear oils are required. Techno Gear EP Oils are ideal for heavy loaded gear sets and for gears which are subject to shock loading.


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