Techno Oil Limited


Services & Strategic Assets

Techno Oil continues to be a pioneer in innovative solutions and a leading marketer of petroleum products in Nigeria. We have through our innovative processes continuously ensured petroleum products supply and availability in Nigeria through our retail outlets, commercial and industrial channels.

Techno Oil’s principal activities are Petroleum Products bulk storage and marketing as well as providing high quality value added service solutions to the retail, commercial and industrial sectors of the Nigerian economy such as the Marine, Construction, Aviation, Automotive, Energy and other highly specialised sectors.

These assets are as follows:

  • 65000 MT Fuel terminal facility
  • 10000 MT lubricant blending plant
  • 10000 MT LPG Bottling Plant
  • 200 Meter two-finger Jetty Facility
  • 5000 MT capacity ocean on-going vessel (MT TECHNOOIL)
  • 5 Million Annual Capacity LPG Cylinder Manufacturing Plant
  • 12000 MT Capacity LPG Terminal
  • State of-the-art Quality Assurance Laboratory
  • 200 Techno Oil branded trucks
  • Several retail outlets across Nigeria


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