Techno Oil Limited

Our Vision

To be the leading energy company in Nigeria

Our Mission

To provide and distribute sustainable energy solutions using efficient technology and competencies to create value for our stakeholders

Our Values

Our commitment is to continuously impact positively to all stakeholders, partners, customers and the society at large through the below values.

Consequently, we believe in: EQUIPT

nvironment & Safety

We strive to provide a work environment that reduces risk to our employees and trading public by planning teamwork and using the proper protection equipment tools and procedures. We educate
and empower employees to utilise best management practices to improve Techno Oil’s environmental footprints.

uality & Excellence

We take pride in providing high value products and services that we stand behind, which ensures customer satisfaction, profitability and the future of our employees and our growth.

nparalleled Friendly, & Caring Customer Service

We strive to provide exceptional customer service through flexible scheduling, quality products, efficient services, and innovative solutions resulting in value to the customer and company.


We behave in a manner that demonstrates trust, honesty, courage, consistency and responsibility with a willingness to admit our mistakes. We strive do the right thing. We adhere to high ethical standards and believe in accountability so we can deliver the highest value possible through simple, innovative and relevant solutions.


We admire the curiosity, commitment and creativity to constantly improve. We exhibit passion and professionalism in everything we do in order to exceed the highest expectations of our customers.


A commitment to common goals based on open and honest communication while showing concern and support for each other. We strive to support one another’s efforts and are loyal to the team. We listen to and respect our customers and our peers so we can always act with insight, understanding, and compassion.