Techno Oil Limited

The Future of energy

About Us

Techno oil is a leading integrated energy company in the downstream oil and gas sector which commenced operations 1997. Our primary products and services include the storage, refining and handling of petroleum products including, Petroleum Motor Spirit, Automatic Gas Oil, Dual-Purpose Kerosene, Low Pour Fuel Oil, Lubricants, Chemicals and Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

An Innovative Approach

Through our skilled and innovative approach to helping business and individuals to meet their energy needs. We have continuously ensured petroleum products supply and availability in Nigeria through our retail outlets, commercial and industrial channels

A Market Leader

Techno Oil became a leader in the oil & gas downstream sector through the deployment of strategic state of the art assets and services, which includes:

  • Daily distribution of 10 million litres of petroleum products through its 65000 MT Fuel Terminal Facility
  • 10000 MT Lubricant Blending Plant
  • 1000MT LPG Bottling Plant
  • 15000MT capacity ocean on-going vessel (MT TECHNOOIL)
  • 5 Million Annual Capacity Cylinder Manufacturing Plant
  • 12000MT LPG Terminal, 200 meter Two-Finger Jetty Facility
  • State–of-the-art Quality Assurance Laboratory
  • 200 Techno Oil branded Trucks
  • 30 Mobile LPG Skids
  • 20 retail outlets across the country
  • Manufacturing of high quality lubricating oil.
  • Operation of a two-finger jetty that aids receipts of petroleum products through coastal supplies from refineries.

Operating to High Standards

As a leading indigenous petroleum products marketers, Techno Oil’s operation and scope of business are guided by the highest standards in line with international best practices, validated by its NIS ISO 9001: 2008 Certification and recognition by national and global organizations as well as government’ s regulatory agencies. We have built a reputation for quality, safety and durability of our products.

A Strong Brand Reputation

Techno Oil has built an impressive tract record and has achieved a strong brand presence in the market, which can be attested to by our customers. Techno Oil continues to develop and build on its core values competencies. We have improved our services with highly automated facilities to dispense petroleum products to our teeming customers.

Continuous Development

Techno Oil’s business unit has recorded significant growth within a short space of time. Today, we are pacesetters in the efficient delivery of petroleum products to discerning customers. We have sustained an absolute commitment to running our businesses on the highest standards of ethics and corporate governance. Our workers are well trained and motivated, showing dedication, loyalty and high sense of productivity. We have been able to delight our customers and enrich our shareholders over the years.

Despite the intense business challenges, Techno Oil has been able to record tremendous success by adhering to our long-standing principles of high ethical standards, strong controls, effective corporate governance, sound operations, and integrity of system, focused and discipline decisions, respect for the environment and positive engagement with all stakeholders.